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Want to Build IRA Wealth Fast? Know Your Options

By H. Quincy Long for the Self-Directed Source Blog Have you wanted to buy real estate in your IRA but think you don’t have enough money? Think buying a small property for all cash is your only choice? Nothing could be further from the truth. You can invest in real estate using your IRA without a lot of money in several ways, including buying property with debt, partnering with other investors (IRA or non-IRA money), or even utilizing seller financing.  However, in this article we will discuss one of the most powerful and grossly underutilized tools in real estate investing today – the option.  Option Basics and Motivation Let’s focus View the rest of post…

How to Stretch a Roth IRA to Last More Than 150 Years

I have a philosophy, which is that if you can create win-win situations you should always do so. My daughter, Briana, is 12 years old and has been invited to travel to Europe next summer to be a Student Ambassador through the People to People program ( One of the requirements I am making for Briana to go is that she must raise one-half of the finds for the trip. Since Briana needs funds for her trip, and my company, Quest IRA, Inc. needed help stuffing envelopes to send out our quarterly statements, Briana came to work for us to help stuff envelopes. This earned her money for her trip View the rest of post…

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