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SELECT e.*, ese.start_time, ese.end_time, p.event_cost , v.name venue_name, v.address venue_address, v.city venue_city, v.state venue_state, v.zip venue_zip, v.country venue_country, v.meta venue_meta FROM wp_events_detail e LEFT JOIN wp_events_venue_rel vr ON vr.event_id = e.id LEFT JOIN wp_events_venue v ON v.id = vr.venue_id LEFT JOIN wp_events_start_end ese ON ese.event_id= e.id LEFT JOIN wp_events_prices p ON p.event_id=e.id WHERE is_active = 'Y' AND e.end_date >= '2014-04-23' AND (e.start_date >= '2014-04-23' OR e.event_status = 'O' OR e.registration_end >= '2014-04-23') AND e.event_status != 'S' AND e.event_status != 'D' GROUP BY e.id ORDER BY date(start_date), id ASC LIMIT 0, 10

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