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I’m working with Quest because they’re easy to work with, they take care of the people that I send them, and they’re just a pleasure to do business with.”-Ron LeGrand

“I’ve looked at a lot of different IRA companies, and I’ve found what I think is the VERY BEST ONE.” –Phill Grove

“I consider these guys to be of the highest level of competency and experience in the business.” –Eddie Speed


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“There’s nobody better than knows real estate and Self-Directed IRAs than Quincy Long. He IS the quintessential expert.” –David Phelps


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I’m a huge fan and client of Quest IRA. It’s absolutely crucial to my business and I’m so appreciative of the services they offer.” -Brant Phillips


Quest IRA Testimonials – DFW Grand Opening


For the most part we’ve worked with every SDIRA company out there, but the difference with Quest is the education they provide.”Eric Mattingly


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“The Quest staff is more than happy to help you, they will guide you, and they will educate you. I would highly recommend that you talk to quest.” –Carlos Lackey


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