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FLIPNERD Podcast: Top Ten Tips For Using Private Money

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Fun with Amortization- Quincy talks about the 4 forms of leverage and has several case studies on notes and profits . . . Taxfree


Quest IRA & The Mock Auction Event:

Quest IRA is the leading Self-Directed IRA provider. We strive to provide advanced education that is both useful and highly engaging. Quest IRA and joined forces to provide Houstonians with an event that would educate them on the process of purchasing bank owned and foreclosure properties. Many investors have a large amount of success with purchasing auctioned properties, however for the novice investor; this method can be somewhat intimidating. Our goal was to provide each attendee with the necessary knowledge and tools that would prepare them for the whirlwind of excitement that they’d experience at their first Tuesday visit to the court house.

Part One

Part Two

Webinar with Quest IRA’s President & Founder, H. Quincy Long, and Scott Carson, with Note Camp:

Listen to Quest IRA’s VP, Nate Hare, as he is the featured guest speaker on Right Path Radio:

Webinar with Quest IRA’s President & Founder, H. Quincy Long, and

Quest IRA’s Excecutive VP, Nate Hare, was invited to sit on The Austin RENC’s panel of experts during the recent real estate discussion. Take a peek at this informative session:

“Leverage Your IRA” with President of Quest IRA, H. Quincy Long, and VP of NASB, Matt Allen

“Secrets to Using Your IRA That All Real Estate Investors Need to Know” By H. Quincy Long, at the Austin RENC:

Quest IRA’s Exec VP Nate Hare on Fox 29 News San Antonio

H. Quincy Long on KFNX Carol Blonder Radio Show – Networking Arizona

H. Quincy Long on Lifetime TV’s The Balancing Act

Nate Hare on SIRE Radio

Quest IRA Short Commercial

H. Quincy Long – Either a Lender or a Borrower Be

H. Quincy Long on SIRETV

Nate Hare Webinar with Scott Carson: Self Directed IRAs and Buying Discounted Notes

Self-Directed IRAs and Real Estate Loan Funds (RELF) with Nate Hare & Stallion Funding

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